Get Paid For the Rest of Time With a Direct Marketing Email List

Without a doubt, a direct marketing email list is by far the most valuable asset you will ever possess.

If you’re marketing services or products on the Internet and haven’t incorporated marketing email lists into your business, you’re missing out on an incredible amount of business. Does this describe you?

If you’d like to learn how to create a direct marketing email list, and use this Free tool to promote your products or services to a large group of highly targeted consumers for the rest of time, then read on my friend.

Marketing by email is not only free but it’s also easy and it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. It can also leave you with a very bad reputation and get you into a lot of trouble if not done properly. When sending bulk email, online marketing “professionals” often cross a line that is usually rejected and always unwelcome. We’re all aware of anti-spam laws that were written to protect consumers from being placed on marketing email lists without their consent. These laws may make marketing by email more difficult in some ways, but in reality they will work in your favor.

As soon as you know how to effectively create a direct marketing email list of your own, you can start marketing by email, setting yourself apart from other business people who don’t understand the proper techniques.

Before beginning to develop a campaign to send bulk email, online marketing professionals first need to realize that this method is only profitable and legal if they have a direct marketing email list of people who have “opted in”. This term describes those who have given out their contact information, usually a name and email address, usually on a web form.

These customers have essentially given marketers their permission to add their contact information to the marketing email lists, with an understanding that they may receive correspondence in the future as a result. Due to the nature of this exchange, this is often referred to as “permission marketing”.

So, you might be wondering how you can convince people to give you their information, so you can add it to your direct marketing email list? It’s all about offering value! In order for consumers to give you their valuable information, you have to offer them something of incredible value in exchange.

If you don’t know what you could possibly offer, just follow this simple process:

1. Determine your target market (who you want to attract)
2. Brainstorm ideas for services, information, or products you have, that they would like to have.
3. Provide your service, information, or product for free in exchange for the information you wish to get from them.

They won’t want to pass up a great offer. Once they provide their contact information in your “opt in” box, you will be entitled to add it to your direct marketing email list.

This whole process makes marketing by email an incredibly profitable activity for several reasons;

1. The contacts on your direct marketing email list have already received something that they value from you for free.
2. When you send out future emails to them, they’re less likely to delete them before reading, because they know and trust you.
3. If you’ve created separate marketing email lists depending on the interests of your contacts, your efforts at marketing by email can be highly targeted.
4. One of the laws of human nature dictates that those who have received something from you will be more likely to give something to you. It’s called the rule of reciprocity and In this case, they will be likely to give you their business.

Always remember that it is through giving that we receive. Provide fantastic value, give freely, and help others. As a result, your direct marketing email list, and your business, will grow exponentially!